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All About Child - Communication and Language DevelopmentPDF

Learning Goals for 4-5 Years – Communication & Language Dev.

Rupa Sharat

All About Child

Communication and Language Development

Communication and language development for 4-5 years children has many elements. The  4 main elements are the following:

  1. Listening and Understanding
  2. Speaking
  3. Reading
  4. Writing

When children come into preschool it is important for teachers to focus on the first 2 elements before moving on to reading and writing. Focusing on developing readiness will ensure successful reading and writing development later.

Listening, Understanding and Speaking

  • Can concentrate for long periods when involved in an activity.
  • Sits quietly listening intently when required
  • Has a 2-channelled attention- can listen and do accordingly step after step.
  • Responds to 3 step instructions e.g. First collect the marbles from the table, next count the number of marbles then record it on paper
  • Understands humour and nonsense rhymes
  • Follows a story without pictures or props
  • Listens and responds when others are saying something
  • Uses extended vocabulary in everyday speaking
  • Adds new words to his/her vocabulary
  • Uses language to create and act out roles during roleplay
  • Uses language to clarify thoughts, ideas, sequencing of events etc.
  • Understands that stories have a beginning, middle and an end

Reading and Writing

  • Completes or continues rhyming words
  • Hears and says the initial sounds of words
  • Links sounds to letters and knows all the sounds of the letters
  • Is able to phonetically sound 3 sounds and blend to make a 3-letter word
  • Can read words and simple sentences
  • Uses vocabulary which has been gained by the influence of books
  • Enjoys reading and being read to from books
  • Knows that information can be retrieved from books and computers


  • Gives meaning to marks they make as they draw, write and paint.
  • Writes some clearly identifiable letters
  • Writes own name
  • Attempts to write short sentences in meaningful contexts
  • Is able to form some letters correctly

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