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All About Child - Physical DevelopmentPDF

Learning Goals for 3-4 Years – Physical Development

Rupa Sharat

All About Child

Physical Development

Physical Development comprises of self-care, fine motor and gross motor development. Children come into preschool from different environments. Some who are exposed to a lot of physical activities and others without. It is important to give differentiated activities so that children can progress from where they are.

The main goals are:

  • Moves around confidently and safely
  • Uses a range of physical movements during rhymes and play like-hopping, sliding, rolling, jumping, slithering, running etc.
  • Climbs stairs using alternate feet
  • Walks downstairs by pausing with both feet after each step
  • Can stop or slow down when confronting an object while running
  • Can catch a large ball
  • Draws lines and circles with a stick using gross motor movements
  • Uses tools like scissors, hammer safely and with good control
  • Holds pencil with pincer grip i.e. between the thumb and 2 fingers and not with the palm
  • Can copy some letters e.g. letters from their name
  • Can stand momentarily on one foot
  • Climbs equipment over, under, around with good balance
  • Shows awareness of space around self and others
  • Has good coordination skills e.g. pours water into a bottle, threads beads etc.
  • Can tell adults if hungry or thirsty
  • Understands safe use of equipment and tools
  • Can use the toilet independently and does not lose control over bladder or bowel
  • Manages personal hygiene e.g. washing hands before/after eating

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