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All About Child - Social and Emotional DevelopmentPDF

Learning Goals for 3-4 Years – Social and Emotional Development

Rupa Sharat

All About Child

Social and Emotional Development

Social and emotional development for children is to make friends with peers and adults in pre-school. Gain independence and learn to label and talk about their feelings. Demonstrate a caring attitude and understand what is right and wrong. Develop confidence and self-esteem.

  • Initiates play and asks others to join in the play
  • Can play in a group and extend the play with new ideas
  • Has a friendly behaviour and forms good relations with peers and adults
  • Keeps the play going by responding to those involved
  • Likes being praised and is proud of their work
  • Selects and chooses resources with help
  • Dresses and undresses mostly independently and manages own personal hygiene with some help
  • Enjoys responsibilities when given small tasks to help with
  • Is outgoing and does not hesitate to talk to a new adult or child
  • Confidently talks to other children and shares experiences
  • Uses pretend play to act out things they observe and act out fears and uses language during play
  • Aware of own feelings and can express them with words e.g. I am feeling angry or sad or happy etc.
  • Shows a caring attitude when someone is upset
  • Can take turns and shares with others
  • Can wait to get what they want and understand that all their wishes may not be granted
  • Understands rules and tries to follow them
  • Can adapt behaviour to different situations like changes in routine, social gatherings etc.

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