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All About Child - Creative DevelopmentPDF

Learning Goals for 4-5 Years – Creative Development

Rupa Sharat

All About Child

Creative Development

The main goals of creative development are the following:

  • Enjoys singing and dancing activities
  • Sings some familiar songs
  • Explores different sounds in instruments
  • Moves in response to music and has sense of rhythm
  • Explores how sounds can change e.g. tapping to music with a wooden ladle in one hand and a steel spoon in the other hand
  • Explores colours and how they change when mixed
  • Understands that lines can enclose and begin to draw shapes
  • Uses the same concept to make enclosed spaces with blocks and other playthings
  • Beginning to describe the feel of the texture
  • Uses textured things in creative work
  • Uses variety of objects to construct things
  • Stacks different shaped blocks and tries to balance them
  • Understands that different tools can be used for a purpose
  • Makes up simple songs by self
  • Moves spontaneously to music
  • Engages in imaginative play and imitates an adult they have observed
  • Builds stories around the toys they are playing with e.g. A doll who has a fever and is taken to the doctor
  • Uses available resources imaginatively e.g. makes a tent by overturning a table and covering it with a sheet OR sits under an umbrella and calls it a tent
  • Uses a variety of ways to express e.g. music, movement, painting, words etc.

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