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All About Child - Social and Emotional DevelopmentPDF

Learning Goals for 4-5 Years – Social and Emotional Development

Rupa Sharat

All About Child

Social and Emotional Development

Social and emotional development learning goals for children is to make friends with peers and adults in pre-school. Gain independence and learn to label and talk about their feelings. Demonstrate a caring attitude and understand what is right and wrong. Develop confidence and self-esteem.

The main goals are the following:

  • Initiates conversations.
  • Shows interest in what others are talking by asking questions and contributing to the conversation.
  • If in a situation where 2 children are in conflict, uses own understanding to resolve the conflict.
  • Can see from the other person point of view.
  • Speaks confidently about own needs, wants and desires.
  • Can talk on topics of interest.
  • Confidently tries new activities, and may want to help younger peers.
  • Takes pride in their achievements be it the completion of tasks, finishing their snack etc.
  • Talks about home and school with a positive attitude.
  • Understands that their own actions can affect others in a positive or a negative fashion. E.g. taking away a toy without permission can upset a child. Giving a hug can comfort an upset child.
  • Understands that rules need to be followed for their own safety.
  • Understands what is right and what is wrong and why.
  • Understands that certain behaviour is expected of them.
  • Uses words with peers to settle or negotiate things e.g. wants the tricycle that a child is using, so asks for it, may ask an adult to intervene instead of pushing the child and occupying it.
  • Has a strong positive sense of self and individuality.
  • Approaches unfamiliar situations with a positive attitude.

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