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Learning Goals for 4-5 Years – Physical Development

Rupa Sharat

All About Child

Physical Development

Physical development for 4-5 year children mainly comprises of self-care, fine motor and gross motor development. Children come into preschool from different environments. Some who are exposed to a lot of physical activities and others without. It is important to give differentiated activities so that children can progress from where they are.

The main goals are the following:

  • Moves confidently keeping the safety of self and others in mind.
  • Travels safely around playground equipment with gross motor skills like- climbing up the ladder, going under the slide, balancing on seesaw or swing etc.
  • Shows good control over objects while throwing, catching, kicking etc.
  • Uses simple tools to change the form of materials to the desired shape. E.g. using cutters, knives, rolling pins with playdough.
  • Handles tools and objects with good control, safely and with care
  • Has a more clearer hand preference that dominates.
  • Able to trace vertical lines.
  • Uses anticlockwise movements in a controlled manner
  • Begins to form recognisable letters
  • Holds pencil with 3 fingers and has control to make recognisable figures or letters
  • Manages to stay dry through the day attending to their needs independently
  • Shows a better understanding that exercise, food, sleep contribute to the body to remain healthy
  • Eats a good range of healthy food and understands variety is needed
  • Practices safety measure when not supervised too

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